Arkancoons' Pricing:



Pet prices are $1200*. 

That means this kitten is being sold as a pet and will not be used for breeding. The kitten will be altered at 6 to 9 months of age. 

There is nothing wrong with a kitten sold as a pet. It simply means they do not meet the very high cat fanciers standard for competing in a show. We don't always have show homes available so many times sell show quality kittens to pet homes.



Show prices $1500*. Only exceptional kittens will be sold for show. Kittens will be a good

representation of the breed. Breeder cannot guarantee the show success of the kitten as show

successes are dependent on outside factors including but not limited to competition, grooming,

condition, health and maturity. Kittens change so much as they mature that it is impossible to

determine what a kitten will look like as an adult.


Prices start at $2,000* for kittens.

Only exceptional kittens are sold for breeding and must be shown. The final decision of quality will always be left up to the buyer. Contact us only if you are an established cattery and actively showing. Referrals preferred.


We take deposits of $300* ($500 for breeding rights) to hold a cat/kitten until it is

mature enough to go to it's new home. Deposits are not refundable except under

extreme circumstances. This will be at the Breeders discretion.

* Only cash, money orders, or cashier's checks are acccepted

for payment of kittens. We do accept checks for deposits.